How to Involve Your Employees in Decision Making Process?

How to Involve Your Employees in Decision Making Process
Have you ever considered involving employees in your company’s decision making process? The success of your business highly depends on the number of good employees you have. Nowadays, job satisfaction is a big concern among employees. You as a business leader or manager should make sure that your employees are satisfied with their job. Giving your employees an opportunity to participate in your decision making can highly benefit your organization. In this article, let’s us discuss about how to i...

13 Easy Ways to Create a Happy Workplace

Easy Ways to Create a Happy Workplace
Having a happy workplace is something every business leader dreams of. Creating a happy workplace is not magic! You, as a business leader or manager, need to put sincere efforts to make it happen. A happy workplace consists of a set of happy employees who are highly confident, creative, dedicated, engaged and motivated. Believe it or not, the more engaged and happy your employees are the more successful your company will be. Studies have shown that happy employees perform way better than...

Top 10 Employee Engagement Activities at Work (From Experts)

employee engagement activities at work
Many companies consider “customer satisfaction” as their top priority. That’s great, but how about “employee satisfaction”? Do you equally treat your employees as you treat your customers? Researches have found that high employee turnover and underperformance are mainly due to the dissatisfaction of employees. “Treat your employees right, so they won't use your internet to search for a new job.” --Mark Zuckerberg Employees who feel secured with their jobs will perform better. Empl...