The Busy Leader’s Guide of Unique Team Building Activities

30 Fully Customizable Exercises That You Can Conduct with Any Group of Employees, Anywhere

The Busy Leader’s Guide of Unique Team Building Activities - 30 Fully Customizable Exercises That You Can Conduct with Any Group of Employees, Anywhere


Looking for unique team building activities that you can conduct anywhere? No matter how busy you are, this e-book makes your job easier. 

Why This E-Book?

  • New and Unique Activities: These activities have NOT been used by HR trainers before, so both you and your employees will find them surprising.

  • Work for Any Group of Employees: You can conduct these activities with any group of employees regardless of their department, age, gender, or fitness.

  • Fully Customizable: Each activity is easily modifiable, so you can customize them to suit any industry or business setting.

  • Conduct Anywhere: You can conduct these activities anywhere you wish – indoor, outdoor, or online.

  • No Need to Hire a Trainer: Each activity consists of step-by-step instructions and thoughtful debrief questions for easy facilitation. So, you don’t need a professional trainer to run them.

  • Save Your Time: Each activity can be done in 10-15 minutes on average with little to no materials. This saves you time to work on other important projects. 

Who’s it for?

  • Business leaders like CEOs, Directors, Managers, and anyone working with teams in the office or remotely. 

What’s Inside?

30 Unique Team Building Activities

In this guide, you will see a unique set of activities for the five stages of team development – Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning.

They are designed to:

  • Get to know each other and connect well

  • Communicate and listen effectively

  • Build trust and good relationships 

  • Embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Think creatively, plan better, and take on challenges

  • Solve problems and make the right decisions

  • Quickly adapt to changes

Printable Instructions 

Each activity comes with a one-page, printable instruction sheet. This will help you smoothly run it during staff meetings, training sessions, or anytime you like. 

Variation Ideas

Each activity comes with one or more variation ideas. This will help you customize it to suit your group’s needs.

Thoughtful Debrief Questions

Each activity comes with several thoughtful debrief questions. This will help you ask the right questions to your teams after conducting it.

Free Bonus

As a free bonus, each activity comes with separate instructions for your virtual or WFH staff. This will help you conduct it remotely. 


Pick a suitable activity 2 minutes before your team meeting, print out the instructions, and you’re all set!


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Let’s See What These Happy Leaders Say:

“Sarath has managed to create a detailed and comprehensive guide to team building activities. Clear instructions and easy to follow – this eBook is helpful for anyone who needs team building activities to use with their team.”
Harry Gardiner,
Managing Director, Lime Creations Ltd,
United Kingdom
“The book is very well organized and structured. I especially like the debrief part, as I also see it this way – debrief is the most important part of the whole exercise. If there is no learning, there is no sustainable value in performing the exercise. I like the “double-structure” of the book – the games are organized according to the general topics (icebreakers, communication, trust-building etc.), while also advising in which stage of team dynamics (forming, norming, storming, performing) the game should be played. The book indeed delivers on its promise to be customizable and full of ideas.”
Nataliya Wiedemeyer,
Founder, Graviteams Management Consulting,
United Arab Emirates 

FAQ: The Busy Leader’s Guide of Unique Team Building Activities


How will I receive my e-book after placing the order?

Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email with the e-book download link.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal, and all major Credit/Debit cards like VISA, Mastercard, American Express, etc.

For card payments, choose ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’ option during checkout. 

We’re a small team of fewer than 10 members. Can we use these team building activities?

Yes, of course. Most of the team building activities call for 3-8 members per team. There are also activities that can be played in pairs.

I haven’t conducted/facilitated a team building session before. Will this guide help me?

Sure! If you’re facilitating a team building session for the first time, make sure that you read the following sections before picking an activity.

“Introduction: How Will This Guide Help You?” section on page 7, and  
“How to Get the Best Results from a Team Building Activity?” section on page 9.

I’m very busy. How can I pick the right activity for my team without going through the whole book?

If you don’t have much time, go to the “Shortcuts to Finding the Suitable Activity Quickly” section on page 11. Here you can pick the right activity within seconds based on your team’s needs. Then, click on your desired activity to go to its instruction page straight away.   

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