5 Outdoor Team Building Activities for Your Employees

Do you want to go out of your office and have some fun with your employees? Of course, you want. Outdoor team building activities are designed for your employee teams to get rid of office stress. Who doesn’t want to get rid of workplace stress for a few hours?

outdoor team building activities

Here are 5 outdoor team building activities for your employees that can be performed outside your office.

#1. For Communication: Archery

Team Size


Time Required

1-2 hours

  • Divide the participants into teams. Get a bow, arrows and a target with a set of multicolored circles.
  • Instruct each team about how to safely handle the bow and where to aim.
  • Now, each member should try to hit their arrow on the target. Team members can communicate with each other and motivate the person who is going to hit the target.
  • In the end, the team that performed well should be declared the winner.

#2. For Trust Building: Trust Walk

Team Size


Time Required

15-20 minutes

  • Choose a good location with some obstacles; however make sure that there is nothing dangerous.
  • Pick a person from the team who will act as a guide. Now, all team members must be blindfolded except the guide.
  • The guide should direct his blindfolded team mates without touching the obstacles. This activity can be continued with a single pair as well as multiple pairs.

#3. For Cooperation: Blind Wine Waiter

Team Size


Time Required

Around 30 minutes

  • Divide the participants into teams of 6 members each.
  • Ask each team to choose a leader and rest of the members should be blindfolded.
  • The leader should sit near to the team in his hands. Be noticed that the leader is not allowed to move or use his hands during the activity. Also, no member should complete more than one task. Blindfold members should only use their right hand and place the left hand behind their back throughout the activity.
  • Place a bottle of wine, a corkscrew and a wineglass in different locations around the room for each team. Make sure that everything is safely positioned so that they won’t fall or break easily.
  • Now, the task for the blindfold members is to find one bottle of wine, one wine class and a corkscrew. Then, they need to open the wine bottle and pour their leader a glass of wine. Don’t forget that the leader should drink the wine without using his hands.

#4. For Problem solving: Spider’s Web

Team Size


Time Required

20-30 minutes

  • Create a spider’s web between two trees using duct tape or Nylon cord.
  • Instruct the team members to stand on one side of the spider’s web.
  • Now, team members must travel to the other side of the web without touching it. They are not allowed to travel over, under or around it.
  • If somebody touches the web, ask him to go back and restart again.

#5. For Creative Thinking: Toxic Waste

Team Size


Time Required

35-55 minutes

  • Initially, set up a toxic waste radiation zone by forming a circle of around 8 feet diameter using the rope.
  • Now, place a small bucket with balls (represent toxic waste) in the middle of the radiation zone.
  • Then, place a large bucket (neutralization bucket) around 30 feet away from the radiation zone.
  • Place two ropes outside the radiation zone, which can be used for transferring the toxic waste. You can also use other equipments if required.
  • Allow 5 minutes to each team before starting the activity so that they can discuss and plan for the task. During this time, no one is allowed to take an action.
  • The task for the team is to transfer the toxic waste from the radiation zone to the safe zone.
  • Each team should complete this process within 20 minutes; otherwise the toxic waste will blow up and destruct the world.
  • If someone enters the radiation zone, then he/she will suffer a fatal injury or even death. For this reason, the team must try to save the world without causing any harm to their members.
  • Make sure that everyone is maintaining a safe distance from the rope that represents the radiation zone as well as from the toxic waste.


Outdoor team building activities can create freshness for your employees once done correctly. Make sure that you have proper planning before you start each activity.

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