Top 10 Team Building Scavenger Hunt Ideas in 2017

Top 10 Team Building Scavenger Hunt Ideas in 2017

The scavenger hunt is a great team building activity that boosts creativity and teamwork. It directs your employees to work towards a common goal.

team building scavenger hunt ideas

Here are the top 10 team building scavenger hunt ideas in 2017.

#1. Classic Scavenger Hunt

Old is gold! Classic scavenger hunt is the traditional scavenger hunt where the participants need to find a given list of items within a certain time limit. The list may consist of both ordinary as well as hard-to-find items. Participants are not allowed to purchase any items.

#2. Text Message Quest

Here clues are given through text messages. Ideally, the participants need to crack the codes based on the clues. Once they solve one problem, they will get the next and so on. Finally, they will have to crack a master code in order to win the challenge.

#3. Destination Unknown

In this scavenger hunt, participants are given some clues to a particular location. Once they reach there, they will get the next clues to another location. This process is repeated until they find the ultimate location, where there is a party or a surprise.

#4. Information Scavenger Hunt

In this scavenger hunt, participants have to find information rather than collecting objects. There may be a series of questions that lead the participants to go to a location and find information. The team that successfully finds all the answers or more number of answers within the time limit will win.

#5. Photo Scavenger Hunt

In photo scavenger hunt, people are required to come up with the photographs of certain places or objects. Participants should be provided with a digital camera and they need to capture photos of the places or objects. Scores will be given to each team based on the relevance of photos as well as creativity.

#6. Sound Scavenger Hunt

In sound scavenger hunt, the participants should record the sound of various things given in the list. Here they are provided with an audio recording along with the list. There are different types of sounds one can focus. For example, sound of sea waves, animal sounds etc. The team that comes up with more number of sounds within the time limit will win.

#7. Video Scavenger Hunt

Here the participants need to film videos based on a list of actions or situations. For example, a wedding function, preparing a cake, swimming, etc. would work well. Make sure that each video is only around 30 seconds otherwise it would become a time consuming task.

#8. Human Scavenger Hunt

Human scavenger hunt is quite different compared to the other scavenger hunts as it focuses on finding people, not objects. Here the participants are given a set of clues about a particular person and they should take a photo with that person or get a business card from him. It can be a known person or a total stranger.

#9. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is one of the unique team building scavenger hunt ideas for years. The reason is it doesn’t require a list of items to find. The participants should focus on finding only one final item, that’s the “treasure”. There will be a series of clues as well as time frame to find the treasure.

#10. Digital Scavenger Hunt

If you folks don’t like to travel, you can conduct a scavenger hunt with the help of the internet. In digital scavenger hunt, participants need to find relevant websites or information according to a series of clues. You can set a time limit as well as certain rules for this activity like the search engines to use, starting letter of the websites etc.

Have you ever tried any of these team building scavenger hunt ideas? If so, how was your experience? Feel free to share.

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