14 Team Bonding Ideas to Promote Team Spirit in Your Workplace

14 Team Bonding Ideas to Promote Team Spirit in Your Workplace

Are you in search of team bonding ideas to promote team spirit in your workplace? Here are 14 team bonding ideas that can strengthen the relationships between employees and promote team spirit in your workplace.

What is Team Bonding?

Team bonding, as the name suggests, is the bonding or connection between members in a team. This term is often treated the same as the term “team building”, but to be honest, there is a slight difference between these two terms.

What is the Difference Between “Team Building” and “Team Bonding”?

Team building is actually a long term process that focuses on behaviors and their effect on workplace functioning. It helps people learn how to work with each other and respect each others devotion.

On the other hand, team bonding deals with fun activities that are intended to connect workers outside of work on a more personal or deeper level. It is usually a one-time activity that provides relaxation to the employees from workplace stress. It promotes collaboration and teamwork, and also helps people see each other in a different perspective.

A List of Team Bonding Ideas

Every team bonding activity should require a clear goal; otherwise it can be wastage of time. Here is a list of 14 team bonding ideas that you can use in order to promote team spirit in your workplace.

#1. Goal Sharing

Start by asking each team member to write down a goal they need to achieve in a year and the reason why they want to achieve that goal. Once this is done, have them share their goals with the team. Then, put all the goals in a bowl and ask each person to pick out one of his partners goal. The person who picks his partner’s goal is accountable for that goal. This will create a responsibility on him to help his partner to achieve the goal. Moreover, this helps both partners collaborate with proper planning to reach each others goals.

#2. Company Coat of Arms

Instruct the team members to create your company coat of arms. For this, divide the illustration of coat of arms into 5 sections. Then, the members should draw something that represents a recent achievement, a little known fact, peak performance, future and mission of the company or team in each space. After this is done, post the completed coat of arms in your office. This activity is intended to get feedback from employees about the organization or team.

#3. What Makes You Tick?

This is one of the fascinating team bonding ideas to find out each others personalities and understand what kind of personalities may clash. Split the whole number of participants into teams and ask each team to take a personality test together. Pick a test that is less complicated. Once this is done, share the results with all of the team mates. The main goal of this exercise is to know what motivates and what demotivates the team mates. By understanding how each person works best and how do they react in different situations, team members can learn how to approach each other differently.

#4. Wear Your Attitude

Create a few badges with different attitudes such as negative attitudes, neutral attitudes and positive attitudes written on them. Instruct each person to pick the badge that best describes their feeling on that particular day and wear it. This will help people see others mood and the way they may react on that day. Team members can switch up their badge if their mood changes.

#5. Campfire/Memory wall

Write a few general work related topics on the white board such as “my first day”, “my first project”, “teamwork”, ”work travel”, etc. Now, let each team member pick one of the topics of their liking and share a story that they are excited about the chosen topic. They can use both words and pictures to highlight these memories. Then, create a positive memory cloud by asking each member to share their memory and posting it on the wall.

#6. Battle of the Airbands

This is one of the most popular team bonding ideas. First, split the participants into teams. Then, each team can form airbands by deciding who are the singers, drummers, guitarists etc. to lip-sync and air guitar for a rock song of their interest. Allow some time for each team to practice and perform. Finally, the judges can give scores to each team and select winners.

#7. The Bad and The Good

Ask each member to think about something bad that had happened to them either personally or at work. Then, they to explain this event to their partner. Now, the partner should pick out the good that came from having that experience. Once this is done, partners can switch their roles and continue this exercise. The main goal of this activity is to understand the events that are holding them back.

#8. Office Trivia

Prepare a list of trivia questions about your workplace. You can create 10-25 questions according to your needs. The questions can be anything like “how many people are there in the sales department?”, “how many computers are there in the office?”, “which internet connection is used in the office?” etc. Ask these questions to your team members and get their answers. This activity is used to test the team’s knowledge.

#9. Who am I?

Create a few name tags by writing down the names of celebrities or famous characters. Then, get an outsider (a person who is not participating in the activity) to stick the name tags on each person’s back. Then, each team member has to go to each other and ask yes or no questions about the person on their back until they guess that person correctly.

#10. Masterpiece Murals

Arrange some pre-drawn canvases, paints, brushes, and similar things for drawing. Then, provide canvas and brush to each team member and ask them to create a colorful masterpiece on their canvas. Once this is finished, these masterpieces can be displayed in your office as a mural or can be placed throughout your workspace.

#11. Two Truths and a Lie

Each person should write two truths and a lie about himself/herself in a paper. Others shouldn’t see it. Now, each person should try to find out which one is the lie by asking questions to their partners. At the same time, each member should try to prevent their team mates from finding their lie by giving them tricky answers. This exercise will help each team member to you know more about the people around them.

#12. Scavenger Hunt

Split the participants into several teams and give them a list of items they need to find out. It can be performed either inside your office building or outside depending on your needs. The team members will need to search for the items based on the clues given and they should get back within the allowed time limit. The main goal is to get back first with most number of items. The scavenger hunt can also be performed digitally. In this case, the participants need to find answers to the provided questions or quizzes using a computer and internet.

#13. Catch the Egg

Divide the whole people into teams. Then distribute newspapers, paper clips, straws, etc. to each team. These materials can be used to make an egg catcher. The objective is to create a device that will prevent an egg from breaking while dropping.

#14. Community Service

This is one of the team bonding ideas that helps employees get to know each other without the formal pressure of networking. Plan a community service to help others. This can be anything like a beach clean up, starting a community beautification project etc. You need to find an activity that interests your team or highlights your company morale.


In order to promote team spirit, it is important to develop a friendly work atmosphere where your employees can interact more freely. The above team bonding ideas are helpful for your employees to get to know each other and collaborate well.

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