14 Team Bonding Ideas to Promote Spirit in Your Workplace

14 Team Bonding Ideas to Promote Spirit in Your Workplace

Are you in search of some team bonding ideas for your workplace?

As a leader, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie among employees is crucial. This not only cultivates a pleasant working environment but also fuels motivation toward achieving shared goals.

In this article, let’s see 14 bonding ideas that can strengthen the relationships between your employees and promote team spirit in your workplace.

What is Team Bonding and Why is it Important?

Team bonding, as the name suggests, is the process of strengthening the bond or connection between members within a group. It involves exercises that make people feel more connected such as recreational activities, social gatherings, and even fun competitions.

Team bonding creates trust between coworkers and helps them understand each other better. This in turn can result in higher productivity for the group as well as increased customer satisfaction.

14 Team Bonding Ideas to Promote Spirit in Your Workplace

Here is a list of 14 team bonding ideas for your workplace.

#1. Goal Sharing

This activity encourages employees to hold each other accountable for the goals they are pursuing.


  • Start by asking each group member to write down a goal they need to achieve in a year and the reason why they want to achieve that. For this, provide them with a paper and pen.
  • Once this is done, have everyone share their goal with the group.
  • Now, you can get all these papers and redistribute them to the group members. Make sure that nobody gets their own paper.
  • Let each group member take responsibility for helping their colleague achieve their goal.

#2. Company Coat of Arms

This exercise is intended to get feedback from employees about the organization while strengthening their bond.


  • Instruct the team members to create your company coat of arms. For example, ask them to choose a symbol, motto, color, and values of the organization that they want to represent.
  • Get a coat of arms template, and divide it into 5 sections. For example, the top left section can represent the company’s values, the bottom right section can represent the company’s mission, etc.
  • Then, the members should draw something that represents a recent achievement, a little-known fact, peak performance, or the mission of the company in each space.
  • After this is done, post the completed coat of arms in your office.

#3. What Makes You Tick?

This activity is intended to understand each employee’s personality and find out what motivates and demotivates them.


  • Divide the participants into groups.
  • Ask each group to take a personality test together. For this, pick a test that is less complicated.
  • Then, share the results with all of the group members.
  • Finally, everyone should learn how to better approach each other based on their individual results.

#4. Wear Your Attitude

This activity encourages employees to openly express their emotions and helps them understand each other better. It also offers a chance for them to support one another in times of need.


  • Create badges with different attitudes written on them.
  • Ask each person to pick the badge that best describes their feeling on that particular day.
  • Allow team members to switch up their badges if their mood changes.
  • Encourage them to openly express their emotions with the team.

#5. Memory Wall

This exercise fosters a sense of connection as employees come together to share experiences and create lasting memories. Moreover, it gives an excellent opportunity to deepen your understanding of your group and gain insights into their professional journeys.


  • Write a few general work-related topics on the whiteboard. For instance, “my first day”, “my first project”, “teamwork”, ”work travel”, etc.
  • Now, let each group member pick one of the topics of their liking and share a story that they are excited about the chosen topic. They can use both words and pictures to highlight these memories.
  • Then, let them create a positive memory cloud by sharing their memory and posting it on the wall.

#6. Battle of the Airbands

This activity fosters collaboration and trust within groups while promoting healthy competition.


  • First, split the participants into groups.
  • Then, each group can form airbands by deciding who are the singers, drummers, guitarists, etc. to lip-sync and air guitar for a rock song of their interest.
  • Allow some time for each group to practice and perform.
  • Finally, the judges can give scores to each group and select winners.

#7. The Bad and The Good

This is one of the amazing team bonding ideas that can help employees understand the events that are holding people back.


  • Ask each member to think about something bad that had happened to them either personally or at work.
  • Now, they should explain this incident to their partner.
  • Then, the partner should pick out the good that came from having that experience.
  • Once this is done, partners can switch their roles and continue this exercise.

#8. Office Trivia

This exercise tests employees’ knowledge of their workplace and creates an opportunity to connect. You can use this activity as an icebreaker or to reward high-performing teams.


  • Prepare a list of trivia questions about your workplace. You can create 10-25 questions according to your needs.
  • The questions can be anything like “how many people are there in the sales department?”, “how many computers are there in the office?”, “which internet connection is used in the office?”, etc.
  • Ask these questions to your group members and get their answers.
  • The group/individual who answered more questions will win the game.

#9. Who am I?

This activity can strengthen relationships among colleagues while developing communication and problem-solving skills.


  • Create a few name tags with the names of celebrities or famous characters.
  • Ask an outsider (a person who is not participating in the activity) to stick the name tags on each person’s back.
  • Each team member should ask yes or no questions to their colleagues until they guess the person on their back correctly.
  • Award points for correct guesses if you want, and declare the winners.

#10. Masterpiece Murals

This activity helps in building creativity, exploring individual interests, and strengthening team spirit. It also helps in developing problem-solving skills.


  • Arrange some pre-drawn canvases, paints, brushes, and similar things for drawing.
  • Now, provide canvas and brush to each group member.
  • Then, ask them to create a colorful masterpiece on their canvas.
  • Once finished, display the masterpieces in the office as a mural or throughout your workspace.

#11. Two Truths and a Lie

This exercise will help employees to know more about the people around them in a fun way.


  • Ask each group member to write two truths and a lie about themselves on a paper.
  • Allow them to ask questions to their partners to uncover the lie.
  • At the same time, each member should try to prevent their teammates from finding the lie by giving them tricky answers.
  • Once the lies have been uncovered, ask each person to share their truths and lie with the entire group.

#12. Scavenger Hunt

This activity helps employees to work together as a group and identify each others’ skills. Moreover, it encourages problem-solving and communication skills.


  • Break the participants into small groups and give them a list of items to find. These items can be something inside your office building or outside depending on your convenience.
  • Provide clues to each group regarding the item’s location.
  • Give some time for them to get back with the required items.
  • The group returning first with the most number of items wins the game.

The scavenger hunt can also be performed digitally. In this case, the participants need to find answers to the provided questions or quizzes using a computer and the internet.

#13. Catch the Egg

This game is to create a device that prevents an egg from breaking when dropped from a certain height.


  • Split participants into teams.
  • Instruct them to create a device that can protect an egg from breaking when dropped from a certain height. For this, provide them with materials such as newspapers, paper clips, straws, etc.
  • Then, drop the egg from a certain height and have the teams try to protect it.
  • The team that successfully prevents their egg from breaking is declared the winner!

#14. Community Service

This activity helps your employees to bond without the formal pressure of networking.


  • Consider each employee’s interests and pick a volunteer project that suits them. For example, beach clean up or a beautification project in the community.
  • Divide the task by assigning each employee a different role.
  • Give everyone time to get to know their colleagues while participating in the project.
  • After completing the project, celebrate the success by having lunch or dinner together.

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Final Words

In order to promote team spirit in your company, it is important to develop a friendly work atmosphere where your employees can interact more freely. Hopefully, the above team bonding ideas can help your employees get to know each other and collaborate well.

FAQ: Team Bonding Ideas

You might have these questions in mind.

What is the Difference Between “Team Building” and “Team Bonding”?

There is a slight difference between these two terms.

Team building is actually a long-term process that focuses on behaviors and their effect on workplace functioning. It helps teams come together to achieve a common goal.

On the other hand, team bonding deals with fun activities that are intended to connect people on a more personal or deeper level. It is usually a one-time activity that provides relaxation to employees from workplace stress.

What are some good team bonding ideas and activities?

Some good ideas and activities include icebreakers, get-to-know-each-other games, Community Services, etc.

How can I promote trust within my team?

Trust is an essential part of any successful team. To promote trust, focus on having conversations that help to build relationships and demonstrate respect for each other. Moreover, encourage your employees to participate in team building activities that foster open communication and trust.

How can I organize effective team bonding activities?

When organizing bonding activities, it’s important to consider the type of activity that best suits your team. Think about the interests and goals of each individual when choosing an activity. Make sure you plan ahead to ensure the activity is well organized and everyone participating has enough time to contribute.

How can I help my team maintain their spirit throughout the year?

It’s important to keep your workplace environment positive and encouraging. Celebrate successes as a team and make sure everyone feels appreciated for their work. Additionally, plan regular team building activities to help keep the spirit of the employees strong.

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