How to Involve Your Employees in Decision Making?

How to Involve Your Employees in Decision Making?

Do you know want to know how to involve employees in decision making?

The success of your business mainly depends on the number of good workers you have. However, don’t forget that job satisfaction is a big concern for many workers right now. As a leader, you should make sure that your workers are happy with their jobs. So, one of the best ways to do this is by encouraging them to make decisions for your company.

Remember, participating your staff in decision making is a good example of the transformational leadership style.

In this article, let’s discuss 12 ideas to involve your employees in the decision making process.

Why is it Important to Include Employees in Decision Making?

First, let’s see some benefits of involving employees in decision making.

They feel valued:

Remember, every worker wants some recognition. When you involve the staff in decision-making, they feel that you value them. Therefore, they consider themselves the main contributors to your company. Consequently, they are more likely to increase their level of commitment and effort to secure more success for your business.

They will be able to make better day-to-day decisions:

When you include workers in decision making, they get more accurate information and direction about your company. As a result, they will be able to make better day-to-day decisions at work.

They will be solving problems instead of creating them:

When your workers get an opportunity to make decisions, they will be able to solve problems in the workplace. Also, this will help them get better at their problem solving skills. So, your office will have the least complaints.

They will be highly motivated:

Involvement of staff in decision making will lead to their job satisfaction. So, they can bring some positive changes to their department. Plus, they will be highly motivated to work towards your goals.

They will help you view things from different perspectives:

When you include staff in decision making, they can help you with so many ideas. This will help you to view things from different angles. As a result, you’ll be able to make much better decisions.

Saves your time to work on other areas:

When the employees can make their own decisions in their respective departments, you can save time. So, you can work on other areas or focus more on the future growth of your company.

How to Involve Employees in Decision Making?

Now, here are 12 ideas for leaders on how to involve employees in decision making.

#1. Start a Committee

It’s hard to hear each individual’s voice, especially when the company reaches a certain size. For this reason, you can start a committee comprised of experts from different departments. This will help your staff share their views to solve the issues within the company.

#2. Ideas and Suggestions Box

Your employees might have a lot of ideas and suggestions that can improve your business growth. So, invite them to share their ideas and suggestions with you. As a business leader, this will help you make better decisions.

#3. Offer Choices

If you have multiple choices or alternatives and are confused about which one to choose, why don’t you seek the help of your workers? So, introduce a voting system for your staff to make things easier, and understand what they want to see happen.

#4. Open-door Policies

Do your workers have the freedom to come to you anytime and give inputs? If not, you should think about it. Encourage your staff to come to you and give valid points. This will not only help them express their ideas but will also help your business in a positive manner.

#5. Cross-functional Collaboration

Like forming committees, you should also think about cross-functional collaboration. Here people from different departments come together and brainstorm new ideas to reach a common goal. This goal can be anything like solving a workplace issue or creating a new plan. You can also call it mutual help or mutual training. This is because everyone in the group can learn something new.

#6. Participation in Board Meetings

Who said board meetings are only for directors and managers? Sometimes, you can invite your workers to your board meetings. Well, it is hard to involve all the staff in such discussions. So, it is better to choose a representative from each department. By doing this, you’re giving an opportunity for every department to express their opinion.

#7. Ownership

Usually, many businesses give a portion of share or ownership rights to their good workers. So, those employees become the shareholders of their company. Well, you can try this when your company has substantial growth. You can do this by inviting your staff to buy the equities of your company. Instead of equity, you can give a portion of the company’s annual profit as well. Studies show that giving ownership can reduce turnover.

#8. Employee Surveys

How often do you collect feedback from your employees? It is important to conduct employee surveys on a monthly or quarterly basis to get feedback from your staff. By doing this, the workers will be able to share their complaints, ideas, suggestions, and views regarding your business. This will help you dig deep into various aspects of your company and make necessary changes when needed.

#9. Collective Bargaining

This is a type of negotiation between leaders and a team of workers based on a set of rules. Collective bargaining is a good way to ensure employee participation in managerial activities. Usually, it is desirable to make agreements regarding wages, benefits, work conditions, employee rights, etc.

#10. Complete Control

Complete control means workers can act as a management team themselves. In this system, employees will get complete control of the management with the help of elected boards. Here they will be able to deal with different management as well as industrial issues through their representatives.

#11. Job Enrichment

The concept of job enrichment was originally developed by a famous American psychologist Frederick Herzberg. According to this concept, the management can assign self-motivated staff with additional responsibilities. So, the workers will get some authority to take managerial decisions. In reality, this technique motivates your staff, so they can contribute more to your business. It will also increase their job satisfaction.

#12. Quality Circles

A quality circle is a group of employees who meet regularly to identify, analyze, and solve work-related issues. Generally, these people are the ones who deal with the same or similar work. This method will help you rectify the issues in your company and improve the working conditions.

How to Involve Your Remote Employees in Decision Making?

Nowadays, the way of doing business has changed a lot, and most companies are adopting a remote working culture. So, you need to develop your own strategy to consistently involve your virtual teams in decision making.

If you want some expert guidance, you can consult an experienced leadership/team coach. Make sure that the coach you choose can provide a specific or personalized solution to your need, not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

For instance, Nataliya Wiedemeyer from Graviteams is gaining popularity as a transformational leadership coach with her unique and personalized approach.

Just in case you want to know more about Nataliya Wiedemeyer, here is the link to her website.

Final Words

No matter how big or small your business is, it is always good to involve your employees in decision making. So, you can try any of the above methods depending on your business structure and goals. Give your staff a chance to prove themselves and it can be rewarding to your company.

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