Top 10 Employee Engagement Activities at Work (From Experts)

Top 10 Employee Engagement Activities at Work (From Experts)

Many companies consider “customer satisfaction” as their top priority. That’s great, but how about “employee satisfaction”? Do you equally treat your employees as you treat your customers?

employee engagement activities at work

Researches have found that high employee turnover and underperformance are mainly due to the dissatisfaction of employees.

“Treat your employees right, so they won’t use your internet to search for a new job.”
–Mark Zuckerberg

Employees who feel secured with their jobs will perform better. Employee engagement activities are intended to increase collaboration among your employees and motivate them to work towards achieving your organizational goals.

Here are the Top 10 Employee Engagement Activities at Work suggested by different experts.

#1. Reward & Recognition Programs

Employees will be more engaged if they get appreciated and motivated for their efforts.
Offering incentives or rise in salary for well performing employees or teams will make your employees motivated. This also acts as an appreciation. Getting an incentive for a job well done will make your employees love their work environment.

#2. Involve Employees in Decision Making Process

Getting your employees involved in the decision making process will help them in two ways. First, it will promote the leadership skills in your employees. Second, they will have a feeling of belongingness. Discussing your business goals or strategies with your employees, getting some inputs from them, etc will create great employee engagement.

#3. Assign a Mentor for Every New Employee

New employees will find difficult to get familiar with the company environment. There may be a lot of doubts or questions in their minds. In many cases, they may be hesitant or shy to ask their managers. Assigning a mentor for every new employee will be a great idea provided that employees will be more comfortable to deal with a person in the same level than a higher level.

#4. Celebrate Achievements and Special Days

Everybody wants to get appreciated. This is true in the case of your employees too. Celebrating achievements or special days is one of the best employee engagement activities at work. For example, completion of a big project, work anniversary, birthday, promotion, retirement, welcoming a new comer, etc.

#5. Special Lunch

Conducting a special lunch together is one of the excellent employee engagement activities at work. You can get your employees to a popular restaurant for having lunch together. Discuss with your employees about which food they like and you can order it.

#6. Have a Rocking Night Party

Every employee wants to get rid of workplace stress and enjoy with their colleagues. For this reason, conducting a night party would be an ideal choice. A night party with music, dance, DJ etc can work well.

#7. Conduct Team Building Activities

Many experts prefer conducting team building activities for their employees frequently. The goal of team building activities is not only to build teams, but also to increase the engagement between your employees. Scavenger hunts, problem solving exercises, communication exercises, etc are some examples.

#8. Holiday Tour

Who doesn’t enjoy a holiday tour? You can plan a one day company tour for your employees on a holiday. This will allow some space for your employees to engage with their colleagues and know each others better.

#9. Get Feedback

It is important to know what your employees feel about your company, work schedule, infrastructure etc. For this reason, it is important to get feedback from your employees. This can be conducted on a monthly or quarterly basis. A good feedback system allows your employees express their likes, dislikes and interests about your company and its components. This will help you understand the factors that influence your employees’ interaction with others, their needs and wants etc.

#10. Social Work

It is always good to give something back to the society. Give an opportunity for your employees to conduct charity or social work. This will promote cooperation and loyalty among your employees. For example, establishing pollution control measures on World environment day, conducting an awareness program on World AIDS day, etc.

Final Words

Conducting employee engagement activities at work can increase employee performance and productivity. You can conduct any of the above employee engagement activities depending upon the nature of your business.

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”
–Stephen Covey

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