13 Easy Ways to Create a Happy Workplace

13 Easy Ways to Create a Happy Workplace

Are you looking for some easy ways to create a happy workplace?

Having a happy workplace is something every business leader dreams of. Creating a happy workplace is not magic! You, as a business leader or manager, need to put sincere efforts to make it happen. A happy workplace consists of a set of happy employees who are highly confident, creative, dedicated, engaged and motivated.

Believe it or not, the more engaged and happy your employees are the more successful your company will be. Studies have shown that happy employees perform way better than unhappy or dissatisfied employees. If want to be the part of a cheerful work environment, here are 13 easy ways for you to create a happy workplace.

#1. Praise and recognition

Statistics show that feeling unappreciated is the number one reason why most Americans quit their job. Here comes the role of praise and recognition programs. With the help of such programs, you can appreciate the efforts of your employees on a consistent basis. This can be done in the form of awards like “the best employee of the week/month”. This will not only make your employees feel appreciated but will also make them encouraged to do more.

#2. Feeling of work fulfillment

Employees know what they are doing, but do they know why they are doing it? Give your team members a chance to take part in achieving the goals of your company. It is your duty to make a feeling for the employees that they are doing something crucial for your business. This will create a feeling of work fulfillment among them. Once employees know they are contributing well towards your success, they will be highly engaged and motivated.

#3. Surprise perks

Who doesn’t want a surprise perk? This isn’t necessarily money, but you can try different things to keep your employees motivated. Something like a tour pack, a movie ticket, health insurance, gym membership, free off-days, flexible schedule, etc. are good options. Believe it or not, there are many things employees value more than money.

#4. Engage in fun events

Nobody likes if the life is just about work, work, and work. Allow your employees to relax a bit and have fun with their colleagues. For this reason, it is good to conduct several fun events or team building games. This will not only help them to relax, but will also boost them to perform well in terms of work.

#5. Wellness programs

Health is wealth. You value it so do your employees. Arrange a health or wellness program whenever possible. Yoga, meditation, martial arts, physical training, fitness challenges or even distributing some healthy food will do the job. Remember, your employees are working hard for your business so it is your duty to take care of them well.

#6. Personal and professional development programs

Employees have a lot of skills as well as passion. However, many of them don’t get opportunities to develop their skills or follow their passion. This is why investing in several personal and professional development programs is absolutely a good thinking. Some of the ideas are creating a growth plan, setting 90-day learning goals, creating a book club that helps employees discuss the latest trends in your industry, training managers to act as mentors etc.

#7. Building trust by giving responsibility

Employees who are always forced to do what his boss says feel uncomfortable in the end. Nobody wants to live like a slave. Everybody wants a little bit of freedom both in their personal as well as professional life. Giving responsibilities to your team members makes them feel that you trust them.

#8. Give priority to work/life balance

We all have a life outside of our workplace and employees are no different. Giving priority to work/life balance makes them feel you value them as a loyal employee. Work-from-home on some days, providing incentives on a special occasion, granting leave for family function, offering family tour packages, etc are some of the great ideas!

#9. Hire happy and confident personalities

This sounds funny, but you can’t neglect this fact. A happy workplace invites more people and creates more engagement. For this, you need people who appear happy and confident. Those people can bring laughter to the workplace and motivate other members who are a bit shy or reserved. This can eventually increase the productivity in your company.

#10. Constructive feedback

A feedback is similar to a sharp knife. It can either make or break the confidence of your employees. It’s all about how you use it. Always try to give feedback to your employees. At times, your employees may not be doing things the right way or not producing desired results. In such occasions, don’t make them feel offended; provide a polite constructive criticism instead.

#11. Try the Promodoro Technique

The promodoro technique was developed by an entrepreneur names Francesco Cirillo. According to this technique, you can work for 25 minutes and take a break for 5 minutes. Allow your employees relax a bit during the break. They can go for a quick walk, have some stretches, etc. to refresh and recharge.

#12. Discourage negativity and rumors

Arguably, spreading negativity and rumors can hurt the happiness in your workplace. As a business leader or manager, you should implement a strong rule about this. This will prevent your employees from spreading negativity and rumors in the workplace. Remember, the time spent on spreading negativity and rumors is the time lost forever.

#13. The power of “thank you”

You may not realize how powerful a “thank you” is. As a leader, make it a habit to say thank you to your employees for their sincerity and efforts. Also, encourage your employees to do the same with their colleagues. When you say a “thank you”, others might feel like you’re valuing their efforts. This is one of the easiest ways to appreciate others.

Final Words

Employees who belong to a happy workplace are more likely produce great results to the organization. They can help you outperform your competition. They can help you achieve your organizational goals much easier and faster. To create a happy workplace, you need to make sure that your employees are happy.

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