The 10 Best Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Books

The 10 Best Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Books

Are you looking for the best DEI books?

Today, companies that embrace diversity are a dream workplace for many employees. If you are a leader, you are definitely aware of this fact.

Theoretically, almost every leader has the idea to develop such a workplace. However, only a few know how to put it into practice.

In this article, let’s see the 10 best books on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). These books will give you the right knowledge to successfully build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

The 10 Best Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Books

Below are some of the great books that will help you implement DEI in your organization. If you want to get any of these books, their respective Amazon links are given below each description. Alright?

So, let’s get started!

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#1. Rethinking Organizational Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Step-by-Step Guide for Facilitating Effective Change

By: William J. Rothwell & William Brendel

Who’s it for: Leaders of all levels

In this book, the authors address the reasons why most diversity programs fail and how you can avoid such failures. So, you will learn how you can better utilize your organizational development (OD) programs to improve DEI in your company. Moreover, the authors provide you with more insights into recruiting the best talents without any bias.

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#2. Authentic Diversity: How to Change the Workplace for Good

By: Michelle Silverthorn

Who’s it for: Leaders of all levels, and anyone who wants to build an organization

In this guide, you will understand how to put DEI in the heart of leadership, not just in talks. According to the author Michelle, one should stop following trends and lead change instead. So, they can reinforce equity in their workplace. In short, this book shares practical ideas to build an organization centered on justice.

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#3. How to Be an Inclusive Leader, Second Edition: Your Role in Creating Cultures of Belonging Where Everyone Can Thrive

By: Jennifer Brown

Who’s it for: Leaders of all levels

As its name implies, this book will help you become an inclusive leader. Here the author discusses the challenges and mindsets that are holding most leaders back. Plus, she shares some really cool ideas to create a culture of belonging in your workplace. If you want to implement DEI initiatives in your business, this is the perfect guide.

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#4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Strategies for Facilitating Conversations on Race

By: Caprice Hollins & Ilsa Govan

Who’s it for: Facilitators, and Leaders

This book guides you to set a platform where employees feel courageous to take risks and share their stories as well as views. So, as a leader, you can promote transparency and open communication in your workplace. In short, this book offers you great strategies to facilitate conversations in which people identify their role as change agents in ending discrimination.

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#5. Hiring for Diversity: The Guide to Building an Inclusive and Equitable Organization

By: Arthur Woods & Susanna Tharakan

Who’s it for: Leaders of all levels, and anyone who wants to build a diverse workforce

In this beautifully written guide, you will see the best practices to implement a diversity hiring strategy in your organization. Here the authors share various techniques that will help you attract and sustain a diverse team of employees. Therefore, you will be able to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

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#6. A New Kind of Diversity: Making the Different Generations on Your Team a Competitive Advantage

By: Tim Elmore

Who’s it for: Leaders of all levels

In this book, the bestselling author Tim Elmore addresses the main tension in the global workplace. That is, the issues created by ‘the generation gap’. Here Tim comes up with some practical tools to solve these issues. So, this guide helps you get the most out of the strengths of your diverse workforce regardless of their age differences.

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#7. The Necessary Journey: Making Real Progress on Equity and Inclusion

By: Ella F. Washington

Who’s it for: Corporate Leaders

This book comes with practical solutions to the issues leaders face while implementing DEI in their companies. Here the author Ella shares the stories of different companies that managed to create an inclusive workplace. This guide helps you develop a sustainable DEI strategy regardless of your industry or business size.

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#8. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion For Dummies

By: Dr. Shirley Davis

Who’s it for: Leaders at any level, and anyone who wants to learn about DEI

This guide will help you know everything about DEI and how to improve your company culture. From the essentials of DEI to establishing equitable policies, the author covers a lot of topics. This book also consists of different tools that will help you improve yourself as a leader and contribute more to your business.

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#9. The Diversity Gap: Where Good Intentions Meet True Cultural Change

By: Bethaney Wilkinson

Who’s it for: Leaders of all levels

In ‘The Diversity Gap’, the author Bethaney Wilkinson reveals the truths about racism that nobody dares to talk about. Here you will learn how to execute your DEI initiatives successfully despite the barriers. If you want to build an inclusive culture and empower employees of all racial backgrounds, this book is for you.

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#10. Managing Diversity: Toward a Globally Inclusive Workplace Fifth Edition

By: Michalle E. Mor Barak

Who’s it for: People who are in a leadership or managerial position

This guide provides a lot of practical ideas for leaders to build a diverse culture. Here the author shares valuable insights into looking at diversity from a global perspective. This edition comes with several new chapters, and also the updated version of the topics such as inclusive leadership, LGBTQ+ diversity, etc.

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Final Words

Finally, you have gone through a list of the best books on DEI. Now, you can start reading the ones you like. One more thing, simply reading these books and forgetting them won’t get you anywhere. You need to properly put the lessons you learned into practice. That’s how you can build a thriving business centered on diversity.

FAQ: DEI Books

You might have these questions in mind.

What are DEI Books and why should I read them?

These are the books that can give you valuable information on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Usually, they are written by experienced corporate leaders or management experts.

By reading these books, you can have a deeper understanding of DEI. More importantly, you will get new insights into developing a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization.

How does DEI benefit my teams?

Successful implementation of DEI in your workplace can create a sense of belonging in each employee. So, your teams can become highly engaged and productive. As a leader, this will help you achieve your business goals.

How can I get my entire company on board with DEI initiatives?

The best way to do this is by incorporating DEI into your company culture. That means you must treat diversity as a routine, rather than a one-time process. Everyone in your company from top-level leaders to bottom-level employees should make it a habit.

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