20 Corporate Team Outing Ideas that will Surprise Your Employees

20 Corporate Team Outing Ideas that will Surprise Your Employees

Are you a leader? Do you want to know a few corporate team outing ideas for your employees to appreciate their efforts?

Employees are the key to success in any organization. They work hard all day and night to meet your business goals. As a leader, it is your duty to keep them happy, motivated and relaxed. Conducting a team outing is one of the best ways to keep your employees happy, motivated and relaxed. Here are 20 excellent corporate team outing ideas that will surprise your employees.

#1. DJ Night

Would you be able to go to a DJ club with your employees in the evening? A DJ night full of music and dance will be an awesome experience for everyone. Who doesn’t like to dance for a hip hop? Just plan an evening to visit a nearby DJ club along with your staff. This is a great way for your colleagues to enjoy to the fullest.

#2. Skydiving or Parachuting

Do you want to see how many people in your office are lion-hearted? Skydiving is the best activity to test your courage while having a lot of excitement. So why are you wasting time? Just find a nearby skydiving location and go there with your teams. Before performing this activity, be noticed that not every employee is made for it. You must consider their mental and physical conditions. Avoid people who have health issues.

#3. Flash Mob Dance

Do you want to surprise the public? If yes, organize a flash mob dance. This is one of the creative team outing ideas and is ideal when you want to create social awareness about a particular issue or convey your message to the public. For example, making people aware of a widely spread disease, environmental pollution etc. Not only will this highlight the talent of your subordinates, but this will also help the society.

#4. Surprise Dinner

Why don’t you arrange a surprise dinner for the people in your organization? Find a popular restaurant in your city to have a surprise dinner for your subordinates. Make sure that the dinner is paid by the company. Now, why is it called “surprise dinner”? Well, you shouldn’t disclose your staff where the event will take place until the scheduled day. The only thing they should know in advance is the date and time. In the scheduled day, you can inform them about where they will be going and who will be with them.

#5. Rock Climbing

Want to go adventurous? Rock climbing is an excellent way to build trust and promote coordination among your team members. There can be both natural as well as artificial rock formations. You can choose one according to your convenience. The task may be to climb up, down or move across the rock. Prior to starting this, set a goal like climbing up full, half climbing etc.

#6. Scavenger Hunt

You might be familiar with scavenger hunt. For many companies, scavenger hunt is one of the most common team outing ideas. Plan a day to conduct scavenger hunt around the city. Initially, you need to prepare a list of items to be found. Then, break your employees into teams and ask them to find the hidden objects or information according to your list. You can set a certain time limit to complete the activity. This activity requires a lot of teamwork and it enables your subordinates to function well as a team.

#7. Amusement Park

Who said amusement parks are only for kids? A holiday trip to an amusement park will definitely help your workers relax. Find a nearby park in your location and go there with your staff. If possible, ask your staff to bring their families too. This will be a great honor for them.

#8. Social Volunteer Work

What if your employees utilize their professional skills to help the society? Social volunteer work is one of the popular corporate team outing ideas conducted by many companies. Any kind of social volunteering work such as distributing food to orphans, visiting old age homes or helping handicapped children will be great.

#9. Boating

Do you like spending some time in the water with your beloved colleagues? Arguably, boating is a great way to make your workers thrilled. Find the nearest river in your location having boat houses. Rent a boat or more (depending on the number of people) that carries multiple people. Now, see the magic!

#10. Kart Racing

A little competition with great fun – that’s kart racing. You team wants to do something special on a holiday so does the need to go for kart racing. In order to increase productivity, your workers should be ready to accept challenges. Kart racing is one of the most challenging team outing ideas. Find a place for kart racing and feel free to go there with your teams. However, you need to make sure that the safety measures are in place.

#11. Cooking Class

How about asking your team members to prepare a delicious recipe? Break down your employees into several teams and ask each team to prepare a recipe. Arrange a special room or outdoor space and provide necessary ingredients prior to starting the activity. Conducting a cooking class is an outstanding way to boost your workers’ creativity and encourage them to work together to achieve a common goal.

#12. Nature Walk

Isn’t it a good idea to get away from closed walls and enjoy the beauty of nature? Everybody wants to relax, and your staff too. If you have nearby places with peaceful atmosphere, fresh air and tree shades, you can get your colleagues there. Forests, lakes, waterfalls etc are on the cards.

#13. Horse Riding

You’re never too old to ride a horse. Horse riding is one of the superb corporate team outing ideas to have outrageous fun with your subordinates. Find the closest location where you can perform this activity. It doesn’t matter if your colleagues have little to no experience in riding horses. You can find instructors to teach the basics of handling a horse.

#14. Sports Activities

Conducing sports activities will promote team spirit and at the same time encourage individual achievement. You can pick a few sports activities that are friendly as well as challenging. One thing you should keep in mind is that there may be people who don’t have athletic abilities. For this reason, you should choose activities that everyone can participate. Activities like bowling, laser tagging, paintballing etc would work well.

#15. Magic Show

If you’re looking for corporate team outing ideas that are very unique, going for a magic show would be an excellent choice. Are there any popular magicians in your city? If yes, why don’t you go for a magic show with your colleagues? People love surprises and a magic show is full of surprises.

#16. Touristy

Are you living in a touristy area? If yes, you’re lucky. Find the top tourist spot in your location (or nearby location). Go there with your colleagues. It is always fun to get rid of workplace stress and laugh with your team mates. It would be even more pleasing if the families of your colleagues are also involved.

#17. Get Tickets to Local Sports

Would you be able to arrange tickets for a football match or any other sports games? It doesn’t necessarily be a professional sports team. You can even go for a local or semipro game. This will help your workers join into groups and engage well. Isn’t it good to watch and support your favorite sports team?

#18. Rent a House/Resort in the Mountains or High Range Areas

Is it possible to rent a house/resort for a weekend in the mountains or high range areas? Spend some time with your staff to discuss this idea. Choose a destination that they love and spend a weekend together. Climbing mountains, traveling through high range areas etc are fantastic corporate team outing ideas.

#19. Karaoke Night

Do you think you have music lovers in your team of employees? You can schedule a night of karaoke if you folks love music. Choose the tracks that engage everyone and if possible arrange duets. Enabling your workers to leave their comfort zone for a while and interact with others isn’t a bad decision at all.

#20. Beaches

Are there any beaches in your location? No words can explain the feel of fighting with the waves. Spending an evening in a beach until sun set would be a pleasing experience for your employee teams. You should not limit yourself into simply sitting in the seashore and observing the waves. You can conduct a few outdoor team building activities there if you want.

Now, here is a question for you. Have you ever tried any of these corporate team outing ideas? If yes, how was your experience? Feel free to share.

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