Top 10 Employee Engagement Activities at Work (From Experts)

employee engagement activities at work
Many companies consider “customer satisfaction” as their top priority. That’s great, but how about “employee satisfaction”? Do you equally treat your employees as you treat your customers? Researches have found that high employee turnover and underperformance are mainly due to the dissatisfaction of employees. “Treat your employees right, so they won't use your internet to search for a new job.” --Mark Zuckerberg Employees who feel secured with their jobs will perform better. Empl...

15 Team Building Activities for Work (With Instruction & Review)

Team Building Activities for Work
Whether you have a small business or a large one, you know the value of teamwork for your business success. To promote teamwork, your employees need the right mindset to cooperate with others and work towards achieving a common goal. Conducting the right team building activities help your employees interact with their colleagues and know each others better. Here are 15 team building activities for work that will provide great team spirit. Icebreakers #1. Life Highlights This iceb...

Top 10 Team Building Scavenger Hunt Ideas in 2017

team building scavenger hunt ideas
The scavenger hunt is a great team building activity that boosts creativity and teamwork. It directs your employees to work towards a common goal. Here are the top 10 team building scavenger hunt ideas in 2017. #1. Classic Scavenger Hunt Old is gold! Classic scavenger hunt is the traditional scavenger hunt where the participants need to find a given list of items within a certain time limit. The list may consist of both ordinary as well as hard-to-find items. Participants are not...

20 Corporate Team Outing Ideas That Surprise Every Leader

corporate team outing ideas
Are you a leader? Do you want to know a few corporate team outing ideas for your employees to appreciate their efforts? Employees are the key to success in any organization. They work hard all day and night to meet your business goals. As a leader, it is your duty to keep them happy, motivated and relaxed. Conducting a team outing is one of the best ways to keep your employees happy, motivated and relaxed. Here are 20 excellent corporate team outing ideas that surprise every leader. #...

10 Virtual Team Building Activities for Business Owners

virtual team building activities
Are you in search of virtual team building activities for your remote employees? For a business, it is not an easy task to manage employees who are from different locations around the world. Many business owners find it hard to manage employees with time difference. If you are a business owner with a team of remote employees, then you might want to know some virtual team building activities. Here are 10 virtual team building activities for business owners that can build high performing v...

5 Outdoor Team Building Activities for Your Employees

outdoor team building activities
Do you want to go out of your office and have some fun with your employees? Of course, you want. Outdoor team building activities are designed for your employee teams to get rid of office stress. Who doesn’t want to get rid of workplace stress for a few hours? Here are 5 outdoor team building activities for your employees that can be performed outside your office. #1. For Communication: Archery Team Size 8-40 Time Required 1-2 hours Divide the participants into teams...

5 Indoor Team Building Activities for Your Employees

indoor team building activities
If you don’t have enough outdoor space to gather your employees or if it is a rainy day, you probably want to go with some indoor team building activities. You already know that indoor team building activities are the ones that can be performed inside an office or a room. Here are 5 indoor team building activities for your employees that you can conduct inside your office. #1. For Communication: Blind polygon Team Size Any Time Required 1 Hour In this activity,...

14 Team Bonding Ideas to Promote Team Spirit in Your Workplace

Team Bonding Ideas
Are you in search of team bonding ideas to promote team spirit in your workplace? Here are 14 team bonding ideas that can strengthen the relationships between employees and promote team spirit in your workplace. What is Team Bonding? Team bonding, as the name suggests, is the bonding or connection between members in a team. This term is often treated the same as the term “team building”, but to be honest, there is a slight difference between these two terms. What is the Difference B...